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Welcome to Paint is Thicker Than Water!

We are a creative gym and membership community for Budding Beginning Artists young and wise! Dedicated to helping you and your kids fall head over heels in love with the arts at your own pace! While developing your personal power and expanding your creative gut through the Arts!


Enrichment Camps

Ages 7-14

Paint Gym

 Age 5 -100

een Arts Circle

Age 11-18

Our Services

We are a Process-based Art Studio committed to helping our students get in touch with their personal powers through the Arts. 

We offer programs in the development of painting, drawing and other mediums for  Homeschoolers and Teens, and Enrichment Camps for youth. 

We also offer a Paint Gym! It is inspired by Arno Sterns the Play of Painting. Also, known as the Painting Game!  It is a non-judgemental space where students of ALL ages learn to trust their creative gut! 

We believe in process, not product and practice, not perfect! 

Because it can be pretty frustrating to be in a class where everyone is doing great work but you. Just know, that great work has to start somewhere.

At Paint Is Thicker Than Water we provide a mindful start for beginning artists.  In a  judgment-free zone. To plant seeds of confidence and creativity in small group settings. 

Why Art Matters? 

  • Art increases your creative thinking, problem-solving skills and opens you or your child’s mind for innovation, and improves critical thinking. 

  • Art changes your mood and reduces stress. It is the perfect karma for all those bad days and long commutes. 

  • Art boosts confidence, self-esteem and provides that amazing feeling of accomplishment that we all long for. 

  • Art stimulates connections in the brain, halting some of those senior moments.

  • Art prepares youth for school and life. According to the Americas for the Arts.”A student that is involved in the arts is 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, and students with an education rich in the arts have historically earned higher grade point averages and scored higher on the SAT than students without arts education. The more years of art students take, the higher their SAT scores on average.”

“Creativity Takes Courage.” – Henri Matis

It takes courage to make mistakes, and still continue on the journey!It takes courage to press on when you keep stumbling, and it takes courage to start at the bottom and rise from to the top,  not knowing if you’ll ever get there. It takes courage to be the person you never knew you could be! 

At Paint is Thicker Than Water, we’re with you every step of the way! 

We help Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

 Our enrichment camps and our programs for Teens and Homeschoolers offer a wider studio focus. While utilizing an array of teaching frameworks derived from Harvard’s Project Zero, to make learning fun, diverse, and meaningful!

 These frameworks are equity driven, and do an excellent job helping youth fall in love with the arts.  

Meet Jennyann! 


Hi, my name is Jennyann Carthern. I’d like to welcome you to Paint is Thicker Than Water. I’m an Illustrator, Teaching Artist, and Speaker, sowing radical seeds in the Arts and Integrated Learning one day at a time. 

I’ve been an Artist for as long as I can remember and a Teaching Artist for over 16+ years in schools, nonprofits, and afterschool programs throughout Solano County, Napa, and the SF Bay Area, while earning a  BFA in Illustration from the California College of the Arts. 

Many years ago. I realized that my students are my best teachers, They taught me that we all a creative bone within us! It just manifests itself in different ways! 

Which is why at Paint is Thicker Than Water I’ve committed myself to make the Arts accessible to beginning artists to give you a fresh start! It’s because I believe that Children, Teens, and Adults should have the opportunity to experience all the rewarding outcomes that Art has to offer! Regardless of where they start. After all. It’s not how you start the race. It’s how you finish it.


Enrollment Coming Soon!  

I took up painting as a new hobby in 2015. Before too long I wanted to learn the basic techniques of drawing and I contacted Jennyann in order to progress my knowledge. My previous experience was, non-existent really, so we began with perspective. From there I moved forward to understanding form and use of different media to goals set with me each week. Her teaching style enabled me to apply the principles I was learning to my painting and I am thrilled with the results. Jennyann’s warm personality and clarity of teaching was the beginning of my journey.

Lorraine Jensen – Student

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