We are a membership community for Budding Artists

 young, and wise. 


 Dedicated to facilitating you and your families growth in the arts. Through play-based and instructional learning. We dream that you’ll finally realize your potential in the arts, and stop comparing your art to the work of others. After all, you bring a unique spin to the world, and your art will soon reveal it. 


We focus on Process, not Product, and Practice not Perfect! 


Because It can be pretty frustrating to be in a class where everyone is doing great work but you. Just know, that great work has to start somewhere. At Paint is Thicker Than Water we provide a positive, mindful beginning. In a judgment-free zone. To expand your Artistic ability in small group settings. 


We use an array of teaching frameworks derived from Harvard’s Project Zero, to make learning fun, diverse, and meaningful!


These frameworks are equity driven and do an excellent job tapping into the benefits of art. Here’s what else art has in store for you. 


  • Art increases your creative thinking, problem-solving skills and opens you or your child’s mind for innovation, and improves critical thinking. 

  • Art changes your mood and reduces stress. It is the perfect karma for all those bad days and long commutes. 

  • Art boosts confidence, self-esteem and provides that amazing feeling of accomplishment that we all long for. 

  • Art stimulates connections in the brain, halting some of those senior moments.

  • Art prepares youth for school and life. According to the Americas for the Arts.“A student that is involved in the arts is 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, and students with an education rich in the arts have historically earned higher grade point averages and scored higher on the SAT than students without arts education. The more years of art students take, the higher their SAT scores on average.”


We have a revolving schedule that changes with the seasons, to help you develop your skills in the arts.



Winter: Drawing Sessions           Summer: Camps & Enrichment


Spring: Paint Sessions                 Fall: Mixed Media, Collage, 3D Art



Here’s how it works : 


 * You sign up to become a member 

 * You select you your time slot

 * You can come as many times as you want during that time slot! 


Plus all supplies are provided and included in your membership fee. 

“Creativity Takes Courage.” – Henri Matisse


At the end of the day, Artists go to bed accomplished whether they know it or not, because even though the cat they spent hours on painting looks like a donkey, and even though they’re best friend refused to hang up their drawing in their house and even though they still can’t draw hands, faces, or ears right. Artists get up the next morning and start again. 


Artist’s know that it always seems impossible until it’s done.Start creating an accomplished life for you and your family now.  



I took up painting as a new hobby in 2015. Before too long I wanted to learn the basic techniques of drawing and I contacted Jennyann in order to progress my knowledge. My previous experience was, non-existent really, so we began with perspective. From there I moved forward to understanding form and use of different media to goals set with me each week. Her teaching style enabled me to apply the principles I was learning to my painting and I am thrilled with the results. Jennyann’s warm personality and clarity of teaching was the beginning of my journey.

Lorraine Jensen





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