How to Set Up An Art Studio in Your Home in 5 Easy Steps!

When most people think of an Art Studio. They often dream up a secluded place, building, cottage, or urban scene, surrounded by large canvas, paint brushes, pencils, great views, knickknacks, and more! An uninformed guess, but they do envision something.Most Artists like me and other types of Creative People hold these visions as wishes, or someday realities. For example, “Someday I’ll have my own studio space.” “Someday I’ll be able to make art when I find a space for it.” … Read More

How To Clean Your Paintbrushes!

​​Listen to the post!​ Brushes are the Rolls Royce of my Artist Studio! They can define who you are as a Artist, as well as cost a hefty penny. Some are made of mixtures of Animal Hairs, while others are made from synthetic bristles. I prefer the vegan option! Anyhow, our paintbrushes are investments to our imaginations. So better take good care of them. Right!Here are some tips to extend the longevity of your paintbrushes! ​1. Use cold water when cleaning your paintbrushes. ​I … Read More

Andrew Loomis: 6 Free Downloads!

​ ​​ Andrew Loomis was an American Illustrator, Author, and Art Instructor way back in the 30s. He served in World War 1 and taught at the American Academy of Art, and provided Illustrations for many advertising agencies before opening his own studio in the Windy City of Chicago. He is well know among Illustrators for the legacy he left behind. These 6 Amazing Art Instruction Books, that help Artists not only understand the Fundamentals of Art, but understand the Aesthetics … Read More

3 Must Have Books For Those New To The Arts!

Listen To This Post! Making Comics by Scott McCloud is a great resource for those who want to dig their heels into drawing! It’s a great tool if you want to learn how to tell stories, create facial expressions, and learn the general landscape of building a picture within your artwork. Plus don’t be scared that this is a comic drawing book about comics. This book seats well on any type Artists bookshelf and I believe it’s essential for everyone! … Read More

Whoops! I forgot to post yesterday!

Listen to this post! Hey everyone. As you can tell by the post title. I totally forgot to post on Saturday. So I thought I write about how I deal with making mistakes. So, the first thing I do is acknowledge the mistakes by acknowledging my feeling about it, and then I let it go. I’m not the type to let my emotions linger. Instead I like to frame it around growth! Thoughts often come to mind like: “How can … Read More

We Need Diverse Book Lists!

A few month’s ago, I went to a conference that I regularly attend called Teaching for Social Justice in San Francisco. It was their 16th Annual Conference, and my 3rd time attending. I love this conference because it’s not open to educators, parents, and the artists, and communities free of charge. I also love it because it’s help educators understand students and not place judgements because they behave a certain way. Instead, workshops inspire educators, communities, and families to understand … Read More

My Coloring Book Check List

Hi All, Yesterday I shared where the concept for my Coloring Book 5th Avenue came from. Today I wanted to share a list that detailed the steps of my process. In an effort to help you create your very own coloring book one day. Come up with your coloring book idea! “Brainstorm” Research Your Idea! Gather all your research and paste it into a journal, include notes, facts, doodles,etc. Look for Photo Reference ( follow copyright law) I’ll get into … Read More

The Evolution of The Fifth Avenue Coloring Book!

Hi everyone, I was looking forward and excited to post a video for you all, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen again. At least for today. So, I thought I’d just tell you more about the background of the coloring book. If this is your first time here, and you haven’t heard of my coloring book 5th. Ave. It is a printable coloring book inspired by African-American Women of the 1920s. Flappers to be more clear. The … Read More


O.K. Today is Day 10 of my 30 days of blogging, and I’m excited to share the early stages of my 5th Avenue Coloring Book with you. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the video I filmed for you to convert. So, I’m not going to trip over this, or yell, or scream. Instead , I’m going to give you a rain-check. I’m o.k. with that, because when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! As soon as the video finishes loading. … Read More

Milestone Alert Week 1

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a quick pause today to celebrate 8 days of blogging. I’m loving this journey, and I’m learning a lot about my pace and structure as a blogger. When I started this blog about 10 years ago. There was so much excitement and energy around it. I had just finished art school, and was grappling with the what now theory. So I created an Series called After Art School. Doing this 30 days of blogging … Read More

3 More TED Talks On Creativity

These are some of my favorite talks on creativity, plus the one on procrastination. Use these to ignite your inner spark, and walk up your sleeping giant! Click Here to learn more about this 30 days of Blogging Series! Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0

What is Butt In Seat Syndrome and Do You Have It?

Butt In Seat Syndrome has been around since the creation of man/woman.Yet, it’s rarely talked about. It crushes dreams, and makes people not take action on their creative goals. It’s quite devastating, if you have it. Because you never get a chance to reach your creative potential. The symptoms include, Fatigue, Procrastination, Excuses, Justifications, Blaming, Story Telling, Distractions, Pondering, and even excessive spending for some. If you have any of these symptoms. You might have the Butt In Seat Syndrome.The term … Read More

How To Find Your Creative Voice!

For today’s post, I wanted to share one of my favorite quote’s by Maya Angelou with you. I came across it a few years, on a poster I spotted in a middle school hallway.The message stopped me in my tracks, because back then, I was working a handful of jobs and work-study to pay for my Art School Education. Which often left me feeling overwhelmed.On top of that I always came across those people, who didn’t understand why I wasn’t … Read More

How to Find Friends in The Arts!

You may have heard the ongoing stereotype, that Artists are Aloof, Introverted Crazy Loners, who like to work alone and be alone. In my experience as an Artist, I can say that we like alone time just as much as anyone else would, but we also like to work and gather with friends. Why do you think Artist created Ateliers, Guilds, and Workshops all throughout Art History. Was it all for the sake of working alone. I THINK NOT!When Artists … Read More

How to Build Your Creative Confidence

Creativity is one of those things that is innate within us all. We’re all born with it, and we all have it. It’s just that as some of us grow up. We lose it along the way. Most often we lose it because of fear. As David Kelley says in the TED Talk below. it’s “The fear of being judged.”  Because of this, our creativity can flee from us in a matter of seconds. Someone can look at something we’ve … Read More

5 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Creative Year Ever!

This year you’ve set your sights on really. I mean really, making creativity a part of your day-to-day life! Your set on breathing it, feeling it, and taking action toward it in a multitude of ways. I mean why not! After All, creativity is the straw that provides healing, answers and research, by compelling us to ask questions. In a sense creativity unravels life, and gives us a change to explore it. It manifests itself in Art, Music, Skyscrapers, and … Read More

Where Ideas Come From & How To Get Them? 3 Genius Ways To Capture Them! !

So, you want to be creative, but you don’t have any ideas, and ideas don’t always just come out of then air like in the movies! Ideas are created, experienced, and seen. So just maybe, it’s time to retreat from your bubble. Because on of the best ways to draw creativity to you, is to go out and get inspired by it! So how do you do that!1. Take Advantage of Museum Free Days!I don’t just mean at Art Museums, … Read More

Happy New Year 2017!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin​It’s 2017, and I’m jump-starting the New Year with 30 straight days of blogging!My goal is to punch your life with more creativity in 2017!If this is your first time on my blog. Welcome to Paint Is Thicker Than Water!   Where I sow Radical Seeds in the Arts & After School Programs! My name is Jennyann Carthern, and I’m an Illustrator & Teaching Artist!I write for Artists, Wanna Be Artists & Educators in After School Programs … Read More

The Secret To Making More Art!

by Jennyann Carthern Follow my blog with BloglovinThis month I’ve been really diving deep into a project called 5th Avenue. It’s a coloring book, I’ve been working on since taking Lilla Rogers Class way back in March. The assignment was based on 1920s hairstyles.I instantly became obsessed with the idea, and while doing this project I decided that I’d finish it out as a coloring book. Well 6 months later, it’s coming to pass.Why so long? It was because of my … Read More

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