Turning mountains into molehills!

It dawned on me today that I’ve been making a mountain out of a molehill. Some of you know that I’ve been eagerly working on a new skillshare class called   The Beginner’s Guide to Kool Aid Tie Dye. I’ve been so excited to share it with you. At the same time, it’s been a thorn in my back. Teaching it in person in one thing, but troubleshooting film clips and technology is another thing. It’s been one bump in the … Read More

Welcome Back!

​​Hey, everyone ! It’s been ages since I’ve had my hands on a new blog post!Blogging has always been a way for me to diffuse all of my pent up creative knowledge, passion, and love for the Arts. While sharing tools, tips, answering questions, and demonstrating the art making the process that I love so dearly.​You see, I’ve been longing to tell you what I’ve been working on for some time now, but I had this huge green monster of procrastination … Read More

New Portfolio In The Making!

So last week… I realized that I lost my way as an Artist. I lost that joy I once had for experimentation, play, and using different materials. It was easy for me to teach it, but I was no longer implementing it in my work. Instead I was listening to others, and the opinions of others. You know. Be cohesive, no mixing styles, the usual lingo. Yes, some of this is valid, but’s that’s not what drove me to become an Artist … Read More

Annina Luck Wildermuth

Meet : Annina Luck Wildermuth Blog :  “All My Characters”  Annina loves Twitter and tweets about Kidlit, History, Art, Illustration and Books @AnninaLuck​​​​​ 1. How did you get started in Illustration or art,etc. and how did you take your first steps?I always loved to draw and color, more so than most of my friends. So I knew I was onto something. But I did my best to avoid art in high school, college and for about 20 years after that. … Read More

Mary Flynn

Mary Flynn@flynnsfineart Mary Flynn Artwww.maryflynnart.com Wow. It’s really been a year. A year of Monster Chores Coloring Book Interviews. During the Month of December, we have a double feature. That starts with Artist. Illustrator & English Teacher Mary Flynn. She carries loads of wisdom, and was very enthusiac to share with you today. 1. What was the moment/event that inspired you to become an artist or a children’s illustrator and what is the inspiration behind your work?I really cannot pin down … Read More

An Intro To Scrumy!

Hi everyone, welcome back to The Time Management Blog Series. I’m super excited about this last month in the series, because I get to share some of my favorite tools and apps for Time and Project Managment.  Take what you need from these tools, and make it your own. Today. I’m gonna introduce you to Scrumy.com. It’s a great visual tool to see and manage all your projects at a glance. I’ve tried Asana, and a bunch of other tools. This was … Read More

Time Out!

​ You’re doing an amazing job, with your morning routines, daily workouts, and motivational exercises. Now things are starting to slow down, and you’re adding minutes to your alarm clock, and taking more time to relax and chill. There’s nothing wrong with that. However you still have loads of work, and now tasks are piling up on a monumental level. You feel guilty, overwhelmed and just don’t know why you couldn’t stick to your schedule.Well guess what. This is O.K. … Read More

Add more energy to your day!

Where focus goes, energy flows.To a certain extent I believe that, because like most Artists. I’ve lost myself in my paintings. Disappearing for hours during the process of painting, until I realized it was done. When you focus all your energies into what you want, energy flows to it.That’s not what I’m going to talk about today though. Today we’re going to look at how to get more energy to do the work you want to do. You know what … Read More

A Beginners Guide to Reckless Driving For Artists!

Do you have a Morning Routine?Coffee usually starts the day for most of us. Me. I’m not a fan of coffee. It’s usually water, juice or tea. Anyway after that, what comes next? Depending on your career, or lifestyle. It could be a hop in the shower, then a commute to work, or some early morning emails, and online browsing. Maybe dropping off your kids to school. Oh and don’t forget breakfast.This is your morning routine. Weather it was purposeful … Read More

Get Serious!

Welcome to Part 2 of It’s About Time. The Time Management Blog Series for Artists.This part of the series is all about navigating our day to day. In order to make time for our creative habits. We have to gain some control over our day. That starts by implementing systems, structures, and routines.This is far beyond what my past self would had said.Who was a rebel against the notion of structure and creativity being in the same sentence. However back … Read More

Meet Dani Duck!

Website and/or blog: Blog: daniduckart.blogspot.com Website: www.daniduck.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/DaniDuckHi Everyone, Welcome back to this month’s monster chores Artists Spotlight Interview. This month’s Artist is Dani Duck. Dani is a thriving blogger in the Children’s Book Industry, and has created various articles on the business of illustration for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Dani is a talented Kid Lit Illustrator. There’s a lot to learn from this interview, and you won’t want to miss it. Enjoy! What do people … Read More

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up! The KonMari Method!

I know I know, this post is a day late. I had an feline emergency with my cat. All’s well though.Anyhow, last week we talked about Self Belief, and Accountability in this Time Management Series. We discussed how Keeping The Faith is important in terms of being accountable. Then we asked ourselves,” When are we going to stop looking for others to make us get up and start creating?” If you missed last week’s post. It’s a great read, and … Read More

Keep The Faith

What does “Keep The Faith mean to you? It’s a phrase that doesn’t suit everyone, but it’s important, no matter how you slice it.Keep The Faith for me means being connected to source ie God, and taking the necessary steps, risks and all, to be a full time working Artist, and it also means believing, and trusting the decisions I make towards developing my art, and business. Weather or not I fall flat on my face. If I decided to … Read More

Tree Huggers Unite!

I love what manifested on my sketchbook today. So much that I’m going to do a Tree Hunger Collection for my upcoming bookplates.Bookplates are like mini art prints. That you glue to the front inside pages of your favorite books. They make your books look classy.Anyhow. I love this drawing. I’m gonna make this one available to my Patron only in my upcoming relaunch of my Patreon.I’m excited to get to the final step. PAINT! Here I come!

Daily Pick Me Ups!

​ Welcome back to It’s About Time. The new time management blog series for Artists. Last week in Why Ask Why? We learned the importance of working for something that’s way beyond you. We learned that the best way to beat procrastination is to start by asking ourselves why we wanted to be an Artist in the first place? Then we had to take that further by asking what will it change? How will our lives and our families lives … Read More

Why Ask Why?

I’m excited to introduce this new series on Time Management Strategies for Artists. It’s About Time! The series will take place over the next three months in three parts. In part one, we’re going look at how our mindset affects our effort, and how to make improvements.In part two, we’re going to take action with morning routines, agendas, and boundaries! Then later in Part three, I’ll share some tools and systems that I use to stay productive. Now let’s get going! Today we’re going … Read More

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