Check Out This Month’s Monster Chores Artist Interview with Kim MacPherson!

​Welcome Kim, from KidLitDish! A popular blog among Children’s Book Illustrators and Authors! Twitter: @KidLitDish 1. ​What is the inspiration behind your Art? Children’s books!! And GREAT children’s illustrators! When I was a little girl,  I was obsessed with the original Golden Book of Fairy Tales, sumptuously illustrated by Adrienne Segur (who I just looked up while doing this interview–anyone can check out a web site dedicated to her work here: ​ Anyway, it’s that combination of … Read More

Leila Nabih

​ Leila Nabih Website , Portfolio and Blog Address: http://leilanabih. com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook. com/LeilaNabihIllustrations Twitter: @LN_Illustration ​​ 1. What is the inspiration for your art? Images. Just beautiful imagery. It can be an illustration, it can be a photograph, it can be something I see that I will capture with my mind, it can be something I saw in a dream. It can be a beautifully written story. It can be anything really, as long as it speaks to … Read More

Jennifer “Scraps” Vanderbeek

.. ​June Spotlight! Meet  Jennifer “Scraps” VanderbeekBlog: http://www.scrapsoflife.comPortfolio website: I’m so happy this month to introduce you to Jennifer “Scraps” Vanderbeek (nee Walker) from Scraps of Life. Jennifer says that she is a bookkeeper by day and a Writer and Artist by life. In this interview you’ll surely be inspired by her path as an Artist, and the many other hats she’s worn in life. Enjoy! Twitter: @scrapsoflife​1. Have you always wanted to be a children’s book illustrator? Back … Read More

Lezette Markham

May Spotlight! Meet Lezette Markham!Website: http://simplyartworld.comYoutube: month I’ve got a great interview for you, along with a big surprise giveaway from this Month’s Monster Chores Artist Lezette Markham. Lezette is an Artist and creative entrepreneur. Lezette’s business SimplyArt is a creative tool she uses to help people  Live Life Artfully! With this tool, she shares her art and creative process through workshops, consultations, and tutorials. All in the hopes to help others enjoy a creative … Read More

Telaina Muir

April Spotlight! Meet Telaina Muir! twitter: @TelainaMuir website: http://www. impandthestoryteller.comHi everyone, this month, I’ve got a really great interview for you from Telaina Muir, an Alaskan who’s is an Artist, Illustrator, and a contributor to our Monster Chores Coloring Book. She’s got a lot to share about being an illustrator, along with her favorite tools and tips in the studio. 1. What inspired you to become children’s book illustrator? When I knew I wanted to be a children’s book writer … Read More

Teresa MI Schaefer

March Spotlight! Meet Teresa MI Schaefer!Teresa is a Chestertown, Maryland Artist, Licensed Psychologist, Gardner, Reader, Writer, and Lover of Life. Who calls herself a becomer,  which she defines as a new writer working to become a great writer. I know you’ll love what she has to share in this awesome interview! Website: 1. How did you get started in Art & Illustration? ​ I got started in Illustration/Art when I was very young. I had a very craft-oriented grandmother … Read More

Bobbie Dacus

​February Spotlight! Meet Bobbie Dacus!Website:   Blog: http://artsyteapot.blogspot. comEtsy: shop/BobbieDacus Twitter:’m excited to share this months featured Illustrator. Bobbie Dacus.  She is  an Artist andIllustrator living and working in Dallas, Texas. She is also a contributing Illustrator in our Free Coloring Book Monster Chores!           What was the moment that inspired you to become a Artist?              Why did you choose Children’s Illustration? I’ve wanted to be an Artist since my Aunt Dot … Read More

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, has intrigued us all for centuries, which is probably why I choose this illustration to work on. This is an Illustration that I actually started a few years ago. However I was never really happy with it. So I’m giving it a second go around. I just completed the under-painting! Next I’ll start to add some color! I usually don’t use my projector unless I need to redraw something on a larger scale. I didn’t have … Read More

Walking the Walk!

Last week I did a lot of reflection as to what needs to happen to move my art forward. You know what I came up with? Well, it was a duh moment. I needed to make more art. When I say more. I needed to stop chit chatting with the canvas, and start making big moves towards it.  I needed to stop tinkering and start making. You know that question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? We’ll … Read More

Keith Haring The Political Line…

Going to an art museum for me is like going to the ballpark.I can’t say I’m a huge fan of sports. Don’t believe me! Ask me anything. However I do love making trails in art museums. It’s like meeting my heroes for the first time. I get a chance to be up close and personal with some of the greats that have inspired my work as an Artist.What I’m super excited about is the Keith Haring Exhibit over at  The … Read More

10 things that really piss me off about Michaels Arts & Crafts!

An Artist Perspective…Michaels Arts & Crafts is a popular branded arts & crafts store, that I’m often forced to frequent. I say forced, because it’s the only art store in my county, and all the cool stores I love are 45 min to an hour away. So bridge toll and gas is a factor. I end up spending 42 dollars on a sketchbook that was 12 dollars. Or $35 dollars for a few pencils that cost $4 dollars. You get … Read More

Cecilia Clark

January Spotlight !  Meet Ceicilia Clark! Email:   Facebook:   Pinterest:  Twitter: Cecilia is an Artist and Illustrator, living in Australia. She is also a contributing Illustrator in our Free Coloring Book Monster Chores! Seat back and relax as Cecilia invites you into her creative space, with some insights, tools, and tips on what it’s like to be an Artist! Popcorn!  How did you get started in Art & Illustration? I have been drawing for as … Read More

Out on a limb…

Have you ever walked out on limb? I mean for a goal or a passion that your really believed in. It started for me when I was very young. I’ve always known for some reason that I wanted to be an Artist. I didn’t even know what that meant at the time. Then I fell in love with Illustration, now art became a combination of my two favorite things. Storytelling and Pictures. When I was growing up, people would tell … Read More


 Thank You !  so much for dropping in and visiting my blog! If you take a look around, you’ll see that it’s still a work in progress. I’m O.K. with that. You see, I’m the type of person that jumps into new projects and ideas without testing the waters. After all, once your in, your mind and body automatically start making adjustments. That’s what being an Artist has taught me, and that’s what it’s all about.  Making the necessary adjustments … Read More

Blog Hop!

Welcome to The Blank Canvas Blog Hop! ~Facing The Blank Canvas~  Written by Artist/Illustrator Jennyann Carthern Facing a Blank Canvas is like being confronted by a two headed monster! On one end, the canvas is inviting. On the opposite end, it becomes an eerie reflection of ourselves looking right back at us. We’re forced to face our deepest fear. The shady one that tells us that we are inadequate, when in fact,”Our true deepest fear is that we are powerful … Read More

The Not-So-Accidental Blog Tourist Hop

Hi everybody! It’s Monday, and tag. I’m it! Surprise! Surprise! I’ve been tagged by Writer & Illustrator Kim McPhearson in The Not So Accidental Blog Hop Tour! I’m super excited to participate. I don’t know who started it, but it’s an cool way to connect with Artists & Writers answering these four questions below. So Let’s get to it!  1. What Am I currently working on?        Character studies for my book!I’ve got a few different projects on my plate. I’m currently … Read More

8 A-Ha Moments Since My Last Blog Post In August of 2013!

Hi everyone I am back! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post here on Paint Is Thicker Than Water. A year and 16 days to be exact. So I thought I’d share how I’ve been building my business in the past year, and how it’s been moving be forward.My 8 Ah-Ha Moments Since My Last Post on August 2013 8. In June of 2103, my heart nearly jumped out of my body, as I said yes to doing 2 Murals … Read More

The Newest Social Media App That Nobody Understands!

The other day, I was searching the web and accidentally came across an article about a site called IFTTT. ” I thought it looked readable, until I actually read it.Boy, the article left me with more questions than answers. I wasn’t defeated though, at least not yet. I could follow the link to the actual site. So I did, only to be met by a landing page that said “Put the internet to work for you,” but how? Curious, I scrolled the … Read More

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