The Newest Social Media App That Nobody Understands!

The other day, I was searching the web and accidentally came across an article about a site called IFTTT. " I thought it looked readable, until I actually read it.

Boy, the article left me with more questions than answers. I wasn't defeated though, at least not yet. I could follow the link to the actual site. So I did, only to be met by a landing page that said "Put the internet to work for you," but how? 

Curious, I scrolled the page ready to find some answers. I mean, why is this so difficult! What is IFTTT, and why are so many people raving about it? I had to know. I was in luck. There was a link at the top of the page that said "Learn More." 

Yes! I want to learn more! Please! So I clicked on it. What the heck! Let's just say, I didn't learn more.

I was more confused than ever, so I did what any sane person would do. I headed to YouTube to find a how to video, and you know what. I finally got some answers. 

IFTTT is an amazing, addicting site, and I love it! As an Artist, social media can help promote your cause, but sometimes it's a chore that takes too much time out of the creative process. IFTTT can change that forever.  

My Fancy New Moo Cards Came In The Mail Today!

O.K. O.K! I Lied, I actually got them a few days ago, and I was a bit skeptic of moo cards at first. Just a head thing! Anyhow I had the chance to try them out for free at on a site call Moolala. It's kind of like Groupon,only with occasional freebies once in a while. I have to say after receiving my mini cards in the mail, I'm absolutely in love with them! I don't know what the deal was, why I was so standoffish of the brand. I was dead wrong. I will definitely being ordering and trying out new products from the Moo Brand! 
If you want to try out your own 

The Right Brainers In Business Video Highlights and Takeaways!

In the last two weeks I participated in th Right Brainers in Business Video Summit hosted by bestselling author Jennifer Lee, for my third year in a row. This has been an annual event that I move everything to attend each year. It was also my second year to purchase the premium pass, because It's loaded with extra goodies and replays! This year there was record-breaking turn out to the live interactive event with more than 23,000 viewer hours! That's amazing. I wonder what it will be next year ?

It seems that right-brain entrepreneurs from around the world are hungry for business-building resources that speak their right-brain language. Creative souls joined in from 60 countries - from the US, Canada, and across Europe and Asia, plus Australia, and even Nepal, Afghanistan, and Latvia! 

My key takeaways from this awesome event, taught me to always stay in action, to accomplish your winning goals. I also learned that clumsiness isn't the end of the world. The thing is, Artists are usually their own worst critics. We judge our work before it even enters the stage. The point I'm trying to make here is that when you believe in your own work, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and showcase it with confidence, it won't matter what the naysayers think, because you've placed such a energy within it, that is so positive, that they will feel it's presence. So cheer ON! Everyone may not like it, but what would this world look like if everyone likes the same thing as everyone else? Just sayin.... So with that trust yourself, and don't compare yourself to others, you've got what it takes! 

If you missed out, and still want in on the fun and energizing content. You have until March 13th to get unlimited access to 10 info-packed inspiring and practical sessions? You can upgrade to the Booster or Premium Pass and get the pep talks you need from your favorite mentors at the click of a button for the  early-bird rate of $67 through March 13th  

If you are looking for the ultimate package, then the Premium pass is for you. This includes access to 3 group coaching calls with Jenn, a private Facebook group, transcripts of all the video summit sessions, left-brain checklists and more! Plus Jennifer has included some amazing bonus gifts at the Premium level, some of which expire this Wednesday! The Premium Pass is only $137 through March 13th. Upgrade now: 
The next group coaching call is this Thursday at noon, and it's also the last day of the early bird pricing. So I hope to connect with you there! 


Finding Support When You Most Need It!

by: Jennyann Carthern
I'm absolutely in love with an amazing book called The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. One of my favorite sections in the book talks about Corralling your Creative Cohorts.

Creative Cohorts are people who are going to help you build your business, such as mentors, supporters, and advisers. We often look first to our  family and friends when we think of cohorts, but family and friends aren't the most successful way to seek out a creative team of cohorts. Choosing the right types of cohorts are important, because they can lead you into action, and keep you accountable to your goals. Especially if you we're anything like me, unorganized, scatter brained, and a TV addict. They can help direct your focus, where it's needed the most. Weather that be your business, your art, or in your art teaching practices. Today we're going to look at this in terms of growing your creative business.

I've used  three major sites to corral my creative cohorts, and yes! These resources are all FREE!

The first site is called Micro Mentor by Mercy Corps. The way the site likes to put it sometimes, is that it is similar to a dating site. The difference, this isn't a place to seek our love. It's a place to seek out mentors. These mentors help push your business into action with experience, advice, and through there own personal hiccups in starting a business. I've since found two amazing mentors, one that calls me once a month for business advise, and that I can email or contact anytime I need help. The other mentor is a Branding Specialist, that I correspond through email. These advisers can work with you anywhere from 3-6 months, or more. After today, I placed a request for a Attorney to mentor me for legal advise, such as contracts, policies,etc, in my business.

The other site is This site gears towards students, recent grads, or those who've graduated a long time ago. It's just like MicroMentor. This site has introduced me to a someone who keeps me motivated and an accounting expert.

The last bit of awesome I found was at  One to One, Women Coaching Women. This is a non profit organization that offers free life coaching to women for up to 6-7 months. All the coaches are ICF certified. I meet with my coach once a week for a weekly coaching call. You do have to qualify, and if you do, they then will locate a coach match for you.

The biggest success I've learned from the Right Brain Business Plan is in finding a group of Creative Cohorts, people who really want to help you succeed. Creative backers I like to call them. These services, and these people will help you get into action. Once you tell them something, their depending on you to do it, and you'll want to do it. I'm truly grateful for all the time their putting in to help me succeed, and their are people out there who want to do the same for you. 

So start searching, no excuses!

So Today Is The End Of The World, Or Is It!

(c) Edvard Munch 
by: Jennyann Carthern

Is today really the end of the world. I'm finding that hard to believe as I gaze out my window. Cloudy Yes, but still full of air. I've taken this moment and this day to believe in new beginnings. The start of something amazing to come in all of our lives. An awareness of self, spirit, or just an awareness of each other as people who inhabit and share this earth with other species. Art is a part of that, because it has a wonderful connection to healing. A lot of people need healing. Art is like new breathe to the soul; because it always reflects back a reality that hadn't been seen before.

Art allows people to connect to things that were once lost. Within themselves, or within the lenses of the world. It speaks, people listen, and it often demands to be heard. Even if only heard by one person alone. 

The end of the world may mean a lot for people; but what does the start of a new world mean for you? 

Today I urge you to take time to really imagine your life, look around you. Is it the one you've dreamt of, did you settle for less, is that just fine with you? If it's not, I dare you to say goodbye to this world and start making some clear intentions for the new life your going to create. Set goals, stick to them, and see what happens. 

Procrastination! Your Genius in Disguise

Enlightened Yet? I know what your thinking! What type of Moe Joe is this! 

Procrastination is somewhat like Frankenstein, masterminded by our own creativity, and put together with scraps of fear, perfection, disappointment, anxiety, and time sucking. Once we've masterminded this creation, it becomes eager for freedom and sets out loose on it's own.
Now it's alive, and it's out their tormenting and destroying our goals! We feel a heavy guilt. We've created this thing and now it's messing up everything we love, our goals, dreams, and future of a better life. It's destroying our exuberance for life. It's all my fault!

Stop Whining!

I too, felt the same way, but after listening to Samantha Bennett at The Creative Souls Telesummit. She says that " Procrastination is Genius in Disguise." I've come to define this as, looking at the true heart of the monster!

He's tried everything to get your attention, and yet you've never carved out any time for him. He's lonely, and wants a B.F.F. Your his target. He's done everything to become your friend, as he tries his best to remind you of your dreams, while cheering you on. Every time he comes around though, all you see is a big scary monster, so you take off again, on a long guilt trip! He never wanted to scare you away!While your off on your sunny, fabulous quilt trip, he's angry and upset now. "Why doesn't she want to be my B.F.F. I'd be a good friend, and she just ignores me."

That's when our procrastination becomes more difficult, because you've made the monster mad! Your new B.F.F. was just reminding you of the things you said you wanted to do. He's been trying hard to become your friend,  so he gets louder to the point of screaming!  He can't believe that you won't commit to your goals and start taking action.

Try looking at the true heart of your procrastination. A heart that's really beating for you! Reminding you of your most desired goals in life. Those most desired one's are key to changing your life. They don't come around for a weekend trip like your other ideas. These stick around!

So, yes ! Procrastination is your genius in disguise. Whether you know it or not, he's of your own making! You created him to be your new B.F.F. Now be a good friend and listen to him. He's trying to guide you on the right path.Listen!

The things we're procrastinating on most, are our most valuable assets. So if your juggling around trying to figure out what to do next. Come back from your guilt trip, and listen to what procrastination is trying to tell you.

He really is a true B.F.F. whose up to some good.
He doesn't want to hurt you, or take away your dreams.
He's lonely and afraid that you'll never listen to him, 
and that he'll never be able to be truly free; if you don't start taking action on your dreams.

So Listen, he's waiting...

What’s the Rush

By: Jennyann Carthern

Photo By: Ardelfin

Have you ever noticed that our society is in a great big rush.

Immediate satisfaction is the new trend, amongst adults and even in my students. People want things now, and they don’t like to wait.  It might have to do with the fact that our world is changing. It is being fueled by technology, cell phones, and iPads. All things I love by the way! However, it has begun to make changes in us, as a people.

Progress is great, but we need to take some moments to slow down. Creativity requires a departure and arrival time. It is no coincidence that Artist, receive ideas while venturing out  of their studios.  Light bulbs go off, because space is made for fun, laughter, or stillness. 

As the Internet is a great tool for research, and communication. It however places our creativity on lock down. What happens is that we get an idea, an amazing one, and what do we do next? We often research it to see if anyone else is doing it, or find out that they've done it way better. Then we begin doubting ourselves, and our ideas, not trusting in the vision that was given to us. 

However creativity is unique to use all. Meaning that the only pace we have to follow is ours. Ideas arrive to us for a reason, and it's our job to at least, test the water, to see if it will sail. So the best thing we can do, for ourselves, and our creativity. Is to put the brakes on and stop the rush. When we do this, the muses awaken. 

Lifting Fear

 By: Jennyann Carthern

Photo by Lego.
Let’s take a moment and think of fear as added weight on a bench press. The more you think about the weight, and how much you can't do it. The heavier it seems. What if all it took to lift required altering your mindset.

Fear is defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, or pain. Whether it is real or imagined. If we imagined this extra weight, it gives us the authority to imagine different. We can lighten the load, and create a new picture. That is truly void of fear.

Fear isn’t useless, it still maintains it purpose, but its purpose is to warn of danger, and protect. Not to lead us.

In pursuing our creative paths, fear is often an indication that were heading in the right direction. Many will try to detour you. Assuming you are selfish, clueless, or unrealistic, believing if you’re not part of the rat race, something must be wrong with you. All of this is often the fuel of fear.

I have good news though; you can alter it, by changing your mindset, and focusing on your vision, what you want and having faith in it. You see if fear is fueled, imagined, and created. Remember you can lead it, and you can lift it.

The Creative Process and Where it Leads Us

By: Jennyann Carthern

Photo By: Eilat Israel
I guess there is no true definition of the creative process, because it really is whatever you can imagine. The creative process lives in many places, in businesses, at work, in meeting, through idea generation, studying and storytelling.

The question is where does it lead us in all of this? I believe if we allow it, its main goal is to lead us to ourselves.Selfish as that may sound. The Creative process demands our involvement to create our main plot. When we do this, connections are made, and we become free, to live a life that is uniquely ours. 

Early in life, I was in speech, and was told I had a learning disability, because I couldn't process things as fast as the other kids. However I excelled in the arts, attended college, and learned to teach by trial and error. Later I started a business, and that's when I realized I'd hadn't ever really connected to my creative process. 

It wasn't until, I purchased Jennifer Lees Book The Right Brain Business Plan, that I truly was in zen with my creative process. 
Her book uses creative tools to  strategize and navigate the otherwise tedious process of creating a business plan. Her tools became my gold. I learned faster, and most importantly, I understood. 

I found a process that I could make uniquely mine. One I could use over and over again, in new situations. The schools had got it wrong!I didn't have a learning disability, they just hadn't caught up to my creative process.

Your creative process should lead you to something that is uniquely yours. No one is going to give it to you, so you've got to go out and find it. In books, in movies, in art. It's out there. 

Check out this video to learn more about the creative process:)

Mapping Your Wins, and Notifying Your Milestones!

Photo by Heather from the UK Milestone Soceity

By: Jennyann Carthern

In the Roman Empire, milestones were very important stones; they not only marked the distance traveled, but notified people of what territory they were stepping foot into.

You see, milestones were actually stone obelisks made of stone, marble, or concrete, marked with the name of its reigning emperor. These milestones were often spaced a thousand paces apart, the modern equivalent of one mile.

Today we categorize milestones in relationship to goal setting. We set a goal, a pace, and mark a milestone as victory as a job well done.

Sometimes on our way to victory, we stroll right past a milestone, without ever telling it we have arrived. This is dangerous to our journey, because if we don't recognize these milestones. We begin to travel without the end in mind. We get tired, exhausted, and think we'll never make it, because we never stopped to notice we're halfway there.

So how do we make sure that were always marking and notifying our milestones?

   Always keep a mental picture, and begin with the end in mind. Use a inner storyboard.

    Storyboards navigate the beginning, middle and end of our journey. If we continue to play our inner storyboard. We have a better chance of seeing our milestones, and marking our wins.

  Create a list and set a monthly goal. By breaking our milestones down into smaller bits and pieces, we have more tools to carve a bigger picture. Setting monthly goals breaks down our weeks. Allowing us to see the distance we have to take to the next milestone. 

   When you reach your milestone, don’t look back; rather look forward to the next and what’s to come. What’s behind us, has already lent us its wisdom, so don’t betray it by trying to do the same thing twice. In order to reach your next milestone, you've got to use what you learned, and apply to your next win. 

What's the distance your ready to travel?  When you figure that out. Set some goals, and mark your milestones, so you don't get dreary on the way to your goal.

Let it Cook!

By: Jennyann Carthern

JackFruit Tacos, made by the one and only me!
Early in life, I hated cooking. If I had met someone then, they’d need to cook. HA! Still maybe.

If you ask me about cooking today though, I’d tell you I love it. I came to love cooking by becoming a vegetarian again. In the late part of my High School Years, I was a vegetarian and abandoned it sometime in college. Around two years ago, I came back to the vegetarian lifestyle, and realized that I’d have to find new ways of cooking. It was easier now, there are more resources, more knowledge and more support from local grocers, and thus I fell in love with the process of cooking. It took years for me to come back to the vegetarian lifestyle, but it’s because I had to let it cook.

I used to write on my resumes, time is of the essence, and being on time is essential. Employers loved that one! I believed it and still do, but in a different context now.

I believe that time has to stir, simmer, and melt. Its aroma has to linger across the room, and call us to its presence much like the smell of popcorn. If you want to draw a crowd, pop some popcorn!  

As a creative entrepreneur were often intent on drawing crowds, eagerly wanting to share our message, and spread our content, hoping to help others? However, we put ourselves out there and nothing happens. So we turn up the heat and boil over, now all you have is a hot mess!

How do we start again? The answer is you don’t. You clean up your mess, turn down the heat, relax a little, and let it simmer. You allow time to takes it’s time. 

If something doesn’t happen this instance, it’s not time. Time is of the essence, and being on time is essential to any business as long as we're patience with the outcome. Your season will come, add all your ingredients, adjust the recipe to your liking, turn on the heat, Stir, and let it simmer. When its ready, it's deliciousness will draw a crowd. YUM!

Take The First Step!

In my last article I discussed the heroes journey, and how it relies on you taking that first step, even if it's a baby step. 

We often resist steps, because they pull us out of our comfort zone. Steps depend on change, and what if we don't want to change. When this happens we meet our pal resistance. Who tells us we can't, we won't, and Oh! NO! I don't think so! 

The key is realizing that in order to reach for something new, you've got to grab for it! You have to decide. If you long for  that thing that feels so so far away, and if  it's too far. Are you willing to get off your butt, and take a few steps to reach for it. Even if there baby steps 

Think of it as living in a house without a remote. You can't ever turn the channel. If you don't get off your butt!

Take a hint, from Elmo...

The Heroes Journey: Follow Your Bliss, So you Can Follow Your Grunt

In the book The Power of Myth, Campbell discusses The Heroes Journey. 

Photo by: GRATUIT
The hero is born into a place that is safe, happy, and sustains life. Everything we long for. Right?

Well lets see.

On the hero’s day off, she decides to go to the beach.  Upon arrival, she finds the perfect spot to relax. Settling in her perfect spot she drifts away into a deep sleep. Time passes, and she wakes up to the smell of a cool ocean breeze, and a nasty bottle at the edge of her toe!

As she begins to kick it away. She notices a rolled up sheet of paper in it.

Cool! She eagerly jumps up to release the paper. Only to be disappointed, by it's blankness."What kind of crockamanie message is this!" She tucks the paper away in her bag, and heads home. 

The next day she heads back to the office, realizing she can’t focus, or think straight, and has even misplaced her keys.Her   mind is still on that silly piece of paper."Why? It’s nothing after all, but a silly piece of paper!"

Since she can't find her keys, she spends lunch at her desk, while pulling the paper out of her pocket. She stares intrigued by the blank sheet of paper for a while, until her gaze catapults into an eruption of anger.  “Why Bother!” she says.

In a tirade she begins ripping the paper into little itty bitty shreds.  Disappointed and Upset, she glances down at the mess she's made to find something miraculous has happened. 

The itty bitty shreds of paper, have something to say after all. Gathered together beneath her desk. The message reads:

“There is something you’ve always wanted to do,
 you feel it inside you, yet you don’t do.”

A feeling of overwhelm came across her as her eyes
began to flood with tears.

This moment is the true hero’s journey. This is our journey too!

Each of us has within us, something we were born to do. Are you doing it? 

The heroes journey asks us not only take the journey, but to risk losing the security beneath it. To become what we've always wanted to be. If you say yes to this journey, Joseph Campbell, tells us that we face many challenges, trials, and failures, but if we keep moving forward, without giving up. Our treasure awaits.

What are you suppose to be doing? Say yes to it! 
Even baby steps count.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Artist

Merriam Webster defines habit as a pattern acquired by frequent repetition or A costume characteristic of a calling, rank, or function, such as a nuns habit.

Cheesy Book Cover Brought to you in part by
An habit is simply another reflection of what we’re putting out into the world, effected by our daily routines in life. As a Creative and Visual Artist, my habits were often out of sync with who I wanted to become, and what I wanted to do with my life. 

I've always had a grasp grip on what I wanted, but hadn't figured out how I could get it. You get what you want by shaping new habits. Old habits die hard, but new ones rise to the occasion!

In Stephen Covey's, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People    He puts together a set of new habits for us, to help us climb our mountains. Reminding us, to act from within. 

I challenge you to check out these habits and see how you can transform your daily habits. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artist

Habit 1: Be Proactive:

Being proactive is a call to take full responsibility for 
your choices and decisions in life. Not being victimized by your circumstances, or reacting to them negatively. If we suffer consequences, blame isn't the resolution. Find a way to become fully engaged by taking charge of your best masterpiece, YOU! 

 Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind:

If you had a Crystal Ball to see into your future. What
 would it look like? Beginning with the end in mind is 
about focusing on that picture, and keeping it close to 
your mind and your heart. You have to stay focused on the 
goal, with an Inner faith, that is alive and breathing to get 
you to that destination.

Walt Disney said it best: 
“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” 

 Habit 3: Put First Things First :

 The 80/20 principle is a great tool, that reflects putting first things first. Have you've ever woken up in the middle of the night with an urgency to pee! Well, Have you? Do you go back to bed, or do you get up to use the bathroom, then head back to bed. If you went to the bathroom first. That's what's this is about. 

Heart centers tasks, the ones you love most need to be nurtured first, then you can tackle other areas like paperwork, errands, and chores later. So, what is it today that's going to help your lean forward into your goals. Do it and choose that thing first! Stephen Covey has a great visual tool to help you put first things first. I love it, and use it daily. It is the Four Quadrant System. 

Habit 4: Think Win Win:

Oh My Gosh! Have you ever been on a job, where  someone else tries to steal your thunderIn a Win - Win scenario, there is enough thunder to go around for everyone. It is important that our vision has a gift to give others, a legacy! That will not only benefit what we need, but also benefit the other person. Think Win-Win and go about the business of creating some. There's enough thunder for everyone!

Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then to be Understood:  

A year ago I attended an amazing mediation training in San Pablo, CA.  I learned that Listening is a skill that we've got to master. Have you ever talked over someone, or simply missed the other side of the story?

Seek first to understand is to find a place within yourself to SHUT UP AND LISTEN! Many of us, come from different places, cultures, backgrounds, and our values don't always match. If you don't listen, you can't understand where the other person is coming from. So, how can you expect to be understood, when you don't seek first to understand.

Habit 6: Synergize

1+1= 3. This is the equation for synergy. When you synergize, you work with the strengths of others rather than their weaknesses. When we do this a  super monster is created to achieve the common goal. No one can win it alone, sometimes it's hard to remember that, it's okay, if you always come back to synergy!

Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw:

Sharpen the Saw, is one of renewal, rebirth, and learning. In order to be great, "Say it with me" I don't have all the answers! We've got to become lifetime learners in any success were after. Seeking to renew knowledge, skills, techniques, and learn from our mistakes. We must, at the utmost Sharpen the Saw!

I know you just finished reading, 
 but I couldn't stop myself, because Sharing is Caring

 Enjoy a little message from Brian Johnson's PhilososhersNotes 🙂

Tapping into your creativity from the inside out!

Photo From: Nikkersstar WordPress Blog

By: Jennyann Carthern

A well is a whole in the earth’s surface that’s filled with water. Wells can be drilled, dug, driven and fitted with pipes. It’s purpose is to provide water. 

The water lies below the surface. The drilling and digging, are what makes the water emerge.

Creativity is like a well. We have to dig deep, to drive it out of the surface. To reveal wants underneath. This is not an easy feat, we have to face inner demons, weaknesses, and have to admit that were wrong sometimes.The ultimate goal is to figure out what your digging for. Ultimately it is to find you, self! 

When you find self, you can initiate all that you are and have been into your work. It will be the purest tap you've ever tasted! 

Still Stuck? These tools make the dig a little bit easier...

  1. Make a Vision Collage: 
    Cut out magazine images and words that resonate with you. Use them to create a collage, to reveal where your heart is. This is a great exercise in realizing what you want, and what’s important to you. It’ll all become clear when your collage is complete.

  2. Sharpen the Saw: 

    3. Show Up: 

    It took years for me to finally Show Up! Television was my prison. It's a vicious time sucker! Sleep is on board too. No need to sleep in, when you can finish all your tasks by Noon! Creativity rises when you create time for it. Scheduling time to sketch, go for a walk, or read something interesting. Believe me! Creativity will come when you start showing up. Trust me!

   4. Create the Right Environment: 
    Every Artist needs a creative space that's theirs. A lair! To leave the paint out all day, hang ideas, and blast some music. It could be your kitchen table, bathroom, garage, or you can invest in a studio space. Whatever you do, don't let people discourage you, some will say you're being selfish, by putting your needs in front of others. You deserve this! It is a prerequisite for you Creativity!

    5. Get Out! : 
    Check out the scenery! My best ideas have arrived when I was out and about. Even lesson plans for teaching popped up! Take a tour of your city, see if anything new shows up. Don't forget to take your sketchbook with you, and your camera phone. Sketch, take pictures and record the sounds.See what shows up. 🙂

The Missing Piece

By: Jennyann Carthern

Shel Silverstein happens to be a favorite of mine. As a child I grew up with his books, and everyone’s favorite Where the Sidewalk Ends. 

As I got older, I started to read his poems with new insight. A message lies below the surface of his witty illustrations and comical characters.

One has tagged along with my psyche for some time; so much that I haven’t been able to shake it.

The Missing Piece Meets Big O. It’s message is simple. Create the life you want now! In my last post I talked a bit about the perception of The Starving Artist. I mentioned that in order to create the career you want in the arts.  You’ve got to engage yourself in Action to see results. It’s not about luck, or being discovered, it’s about taking initiative to roll on your own terms.

Like the missing piece, many of us want others to be our saving grace. You were born with everything you need to make your dreams a reality. 

A while ago I saw a poster that read, Put your hand on your chest. "Go ahead! Do it!" 

Put your hand on your chest, feel that, you’re alive for a reason.

So take the hint from the missing piece, and start rolling. 
You got this!

P.S. A new collection of poems has been released in a book titled Everything On It! 

Work Like and Artist, Think Like an Entrepreneur.

By: Jennyann Carthern

Think Like an Artist, Work Like an Entrepreneur. I got that clever phrase from the home of my former Art Studio, Bridge Artspace.  

It’s a powerful message, and an important one too!

We don't live in a movie. Chances are slim, that you'll be discovered without any action on your part. Action creates Magic, and Magic Happens when you do something!

Clever Artist don’t just create art, they create businesses. They know how many hours they spend on a painting, craft or service,  the cost of supplies, and the price point to make a profit. Clever Artist plan for the future, and know their target market. They don’t give away their copyright for fast cash, or get moonlighted by ads $30.00 ads on Craigslist for creating 20 Children's Book Illustrations. Come on Now! 

Suspicion lurks as well. Sale Out! Artist against Artist. Clever Artist collaborate, to create success in business. Never mind the so called sale out. Let em talk, you've got work to do!

It seems that Artist are allowed to make art, we're just not allow to profit from it. While it's okay for dealers, and gallery owners to profit from you at their own discretion. Sounds like Hogwash to me!

Titles Behind! Sale Out or Artrepreneur Extraordinaire! 
You Decide!

I’d like to leave you with 🙂
5 Steps To Becoming An Artrepreneur!

1. Decide: 

It's about choices. You've have to decide if you’ll willing to risk everything you own, love, or worked for,  because being an artrepreneur is freedom, but freedom always comes at a price. I’m not going to sugar coat this for you. You’ll come across challenges, obstacles, and dream crushers who want to see you fail. Failure is apart of the process, are you willing to Fail!

2. Take Action: 

You’ve decided that you’re dreams matter. It’s time to start planning. I suggest grabbing a copy The Right Brain Business Plan or pick one up at your local Library.It is a visual map to success. It has allowed me to focus on the key areas in my business and create a business plan that Rocks!

3. Calculate The Cost:

If you don’t have any money for your business. Start figuring out what you can sell, service, or ask for. When asking your friends and family to invest in your business, get it in writing, and pay them back first. You can’t afford to lose any friendships, because you’ll need to build a community of support, to sustain the bad days. P.S. Money will arrive when you do! I'm serious, it will just start appearing everywhere. So expect to come!"

4. Initiate Support: 

Start a Master Mind Group . Post some flyers in the library, or start a Google Hangout. You don’t want to be the only voice in your head when it comes to making business decisions. You need to collaborate and think out loud to see how feasible your notions are. 

5. Mind Over Matter: 

Maya Angelou said it best.“First, study yourself. See who you really want to be and as soon as you say, see it, say it, put it out into the universe. I want to be a dancer. I want to be a mathematician. I want to be an inventor. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a writer. You must say it, and then go about the business of becoming it. Study it…and bring all your energies to it." -Maya Angelou. When this happens, your journey truly begins.

Artist Are A Lot Like Santa!

by: Jennyann Carthern

Photo by: Darren Hester
    As Artist, we come into the world generating ideas that instill vision, passion, and purpose to society’s story of life.  So why is it that society doesn’t always believe in the power of Art and Creative processes?

   I’ve devoted many years as a Teaching Artist in public schools, working through after school programs and non-profits. It saddens me when roomer start to fly of budget cuts, and pink slips. This saddens me, because I've become an expert at predicting what's usually the first on the chopping block. Art! 

     Art is responsible for shaping culture, imagination, and learning. It reveals to us our past, our future, and even our present. It awakens us to truth, and warns us of manipulation. It allows us to play, and make discovers that hadn’t existed before. In big business art is responsible for changing the look of the 9-5 building new structures of what it should look like, to create win wins for employees and businesses.  Companies are thinking, brainstorming, and visualizing a new picture of success. One that will depend on employees to think, brainstorm, and generate their own ideas. Ones that will contribute to new company structures. The drone game is steadily leaving the work place, and the factory systems are soon going to be out.

Photo by: Kahanaboy
    So, I’d be a fool, not to imagine a future of thinkers, dreamers, and  Imagineers. Wrong, because in our public schools, art is the first to go. How are these children to survive in this new world of opportunity, if they have been stripped of their creative means of expression? How are they to fit in this new age, if in fact the times are a changing?

   Math and Science are wonderful outlets of learning for these students, but the very existence of these outlets is bonded to creative expression. After all Einstein imagined relativity, from creative play. Einstein recalled how, at the age of 16, he imagined chasing after a beam of light and that the thought experiment had played a memorable role in his development of special relativity.

   If we know this, and we say we believe, why aren’t we doing something about it?

Like Santa, art is pretty loud, but often unheard.

   What small steps can you take today, to create more creative opportunities in your community or classrooms? 

The Motivational Minute

by: Jennyann Carthern 
Photo by: Johnny Pixel Productions

       This morning, my alarm rang, then snoozed, then rang again. When I finally got up. I took a motivational minute. A one minute block of time that I spend with my inner self. Coaching, encouraging, and speaking words of wisdom.

       Lethargy is never a good look when you’re reaching for a dream. In order to transform that dream into a reality you’ve got to see it, believe, and speak truth into it.

       Artist and business owners have to develop their own inner armies when facing the day. They have a lot of lookers, naysayers, and whisperers, who see their way of life as a threat. You crazy ideas, your notion of success, you simply don’t fit in. Needless to say, you have groupies out there who want to be just like you. It’s your job, not to let them down, by appearing negative, and hopeless. You are the living example of success.  So command your army, by not letting doubt or what other people say defeat you!
You owe it to yourself and the groupies your transforming through your success.

So tomorrow, I ask you to take the challenge:

1. Set a Timer for one minute.
2. Then speak truth into your inner self.
3.Coach, Encourage, Motivate your Inner Self.

  Feel silly, laugh about it, but do it until your time is up.