My Fancy New Moo Cards Came In The Mail Today!

O.K. O.K! I Lied, I actually got them a few days ago, and I was a bit skeptic of moo cards at first. Just a head thing! Anyhow I had the chance to try them out for free at on a site call Moolala. It’s kind of like Groupon,only with occasional freebies once in a while. I have to say after receiving my mini cards in the mail, I’m absolutely in love with them! I don’t know what the deal was, … Read More

The Right Brainers In Business Video Highlights and Takeaways!

In the last two weeks I participated in th Right Brainers in Business Video Summit hosted by bestselling author Jennifer Lee, for my third year in a row. This has been an annual event that I move everything to attend each year. It was also my second year to purchase the premium pass, because It’s loaded with extra goodies and replays! This year there was record-breaking turn out to the live interactive event with more than 23,000 viewer hours! That’s amazing. I wonder what it will be next … Read More

Finding Support When You Most Need It!

by: Jennyann Carthernwww.micromentor.orgI’m absolutely in love with an amazing book called The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. One of my favorite sections in the book talks about Corralling your Creative Cohorts.Creative Cohorts are people who are going to help you build your business, such as mentors, supporters, and advisers. We often look first to our  family and friends when we think of cohorts, but family and friends aren’t the most successful way to seek out a creative team … Read More

So Today Is The End Of The World, Or Is It!

(c) Edvard Munch by: Jennyann CarthernIs today really the end of the world. I’m finding that hard to believe as I gaze out my window. Cloudy Yes, but still full of air. I’ve taken this moment and this day to believe in new beginnings. The start of something amazing to come in all of our lives. An awareness of self, spirit, or just an awareness of each other as people who inhabit and share this earth with other species. Art is … Read More

Procrastination! Your Genius in Disguise

Enlightened Yet? I know what your thinking! What type of Moe Joe is this! Procrastination is somewhat like Frankenstein, masterminded by our own creativity, and put together with scraps of fear, perfection, disappointment, anxiety, and time sucking. Once we’ve masterminded this creation, it becomes eager for freedom and sets out loose on it’s own. Now it’s alive, and it’s out their tormenting and destroying our goals! We feel a heavy guilt. We’ve created this thing and now it’s messing up everything … Read More

What’s the Rush

By: Jennyann CarthernPhoto By: ArdelfinHave you ever noticed that our society is in a great big rush.Immediate satisfaction is the new trend, amongst adults and even in my students. People want things now, and they don’t like to wait.  It might have to do with the fact that our world is changing. It is being fueled by technology, cell phones, and iPads. All things I love by the way! However, it has begun to make changes in us, as a … Read More

Lifting Fear

 By: Jennyann CarthernPhoto by Lego.Let’s take a moment and think of fear as added weight on a bench press. The more you think about the weight, and how much you can’t do it. The heavier it seems. What if all it took to lift required altering your mindset. Fear is defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, or pain. Whether it is real or imagined. If we imagined this extra weight, it gives us the authority to … Read More

The Creative Process and Where it Leads Us

By: Jennyann CarthernPhoto By: Eilat IsraelI guess there is no true definition of the creative process, because it really is whatever you can imagine. The creative process lives in many places, in businesses, at work, in meeting, through idea generation, studying and storytelling.The question is where does it lead us in all of this? I believe if we allow it, its main goal is to lead us to ourselves.Selfish as that may sound. The Creative process demands our involvement to … Read More

Mapping Your Wins, and Notifying Your Milestones!

Photo by Heather from the UK Milestone SoceityBy: Jennyann CarthernIn the Roman Empire, milestones were very important stones; they not only marked the distance traveled, but notified people of what territory they were stepping foot into. You see, milestones were actually stone obelisks made of stone, marble, or concrete, marked with the name of its reigning emperor. These milestones were often spaced a thousand paces apart, the modern equivalent of one mile. Today we categorize milestones in relationship to goal … Read More

Let it Cook!

By: Jennyann CarthernJackFruit Tacos, made by the one and only me!Early in life, I hated cooking. If I had met someone then, they’d need to cook. HA! Still maybe.If you ask me about cooking today though, I’d tell you I love it. I came to love cooking by becoming a vegetarian again. In the late part of my High School Years, I was a vegetarian and abandoned it sometime in college. Around two years ago, I came back to the … Read More

Take The First Step!

In my last article I discussed the heroes journey, and how it relies on you taking that first step, even if it’s a baby step. We often resist steps, because they pull us out of our comfort zone. Steps depend on change, and what if we don’t want to change. When this happens we meet our pal resistance. Who tells us we can’t, we won’t, and Oh! NO! I don’t think so! The key is realizing that in order to reach for something … Read More

The Heroes Journey: Follow Your Bliss, So you Can Follow Your Grunt

It was Joseph Campbell who said “Follow your Bliss.”In the book The Power of Myth, Campbell discusses The Heroes Journey.  Photo by: GRATUITThe hero is born into a place that is safe, happy, and sustains life. Everything we long for. Right? Well lets see.On the hero’s day off, she decides to go to the beach.  Upon arrival, she finds the perfect spot to relax. Settling in her perfect spot she drifts away into a deep sleep. Time passes, and she wakes … Read More

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Artist

Merriam Webster defines habit as a pattern acquired by frequent repetition or A costume characteristic of a calling, rank, or function, such as a nuns habit.Cheesy Book Cover Brought to you in part by myecovermaker.comAn habit is simply another reflection of what we’re putting out into the world, effected by our daily routines in life. As a Creative and Visual Artist, my habits were often out of sync with who I wanted to become, and what I wanted to do with my … Read More

Tapping into your creativity from the inside out!

Photo From: Nikkersstar WordPress BlogBy: Jennyann CarthernA well is a whole in the earth’s surface that’s filled with water. Wells can be drilled, dug, driven and fitted with pipes. It’s purpose is to provide water. The water lies below the surface. The drilling and digging, are what makes the water emerge. Creativity is like a well. We have to dig deep, to drive it out of the surface. To reveal wants underneath. This is not an easy feat, we have to face … Read More

The Missing Piece

By: Jennyann CarthernShel Silverstein happens to be a favorite of mine. As a child I grew up with his books, and everyone’s favorite Where the Sidewalk Ends. As I got older, I started to read his poems with new insight. A message lies below the surface of his witty illustrations and comical characters.One has tagged along with my psyche for some time; so much that I haven’t been able to shake it. The Missing Piece Meets Big O. It’s message is … Read More

Work Like and Artist, Think Like an Entrepreneur.

By: Jennyann CarthernThink Like an Artist, Work Like an Entrepreneur. I got that clever phrase from the home of my former Art Studio, Bridge Artspace.  It’s a powerful message, and an important one too!We don’t live in a movie. Chances are slim, that you’ll be discovered without any action on your part. Action creates Magic, and Magic Happens when you do something!Clever Artist don’t just create art, they create businesses. They know how many hours they spend on a painting, craft or … Read More

Artist Are A Lot Like Santa!

by: Jennyann CarthernPhoto by: Darren Hester    As Artist, we come into the world generating ideas that instill vision, passion, and purpose to society’s story of life.  So why is it that society doesn’t always believe in the power of Art and Creative processes?    I’ve devoted many years as a Teaching Artist in public schools, working through after school programs and non-profits. It saddens me when roomer start to fly of budget cuts, and pink slips. This saddens me, … Read More

The Motivational Minute

by: Jennyann Carthern Photo by: Johnny Pixel Productions       This morning, my alarm rang, then snoozed, then rang again. When I finally got up. I took a motivational minute. A one minute block of time that I spend with my inner self. Coaching, encouraging, and speaking words of wisdom.        Lethargy is never a good look when you’re reaching for a dream. In order to transform that dream into a reality you’ve got to see it, believe, and speak … Read More

Motivating your Inner Critic

                                                                               by : Jennyann Carthern Photo by: Mark Miller        During my teenage years, it took me many attempts to get on a rollercoaster. At every opportunity I passed.  I concocted  the lamest excuses, vanished from the scene, and finally just said … Read More

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