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Butt In Seat Syndrome has been around since the creation of man/woman.

Yet, it's rarely talked about. It crushes dreams, and makes people not take action on their creative goals. It's quite devastating, if you have it. Because you never get a chance to reach your creative potential.

The symptoms include, Fatigue, Procrastination, Excuses, Justifications, Blaming, Story Telling, Distractions, Pondering, and even excessive spending for some.


If you have any of these symptoms. You might have the Butt In Seat Syndrome.

The term Butt In Seat Syndrome came about from a group of scientists at Tail University back in 1964. They conducted a large study of 500 people from around the globe. They asked them questions about what they wanted to do, and how they were going to do it. Then they creating dream spaces for the 500 people  to reach their capabilities. Everything was provided, and even time off from work, free babysitting, and all their bills and expenses we're paid off or paid for. Then what they observed was astonishing! Some people watched the T.V., others made excuses, some people asked for money to buy more stuff, and others were too tired or kept getting distracted. A bunch of people just talked and pondered to others about what they were going to create, but they never did it! Some even started to blame others for getting in their way, and some just complained about how they couldn't do it. Even though free private instruction was provided for them and they we're able to take any and as many classes as they wanted to o at the University or somewhere else.

The Butt In Seat syndrome generally manifests when you make plans to make art, and make moves to be creative. It starts out by setting a goal to make x amount of artworks or to join some class. Then it spirals out of control, and you find yourself wishing you would had started yesterday!


Don't worry though, because of the groundbreaking research that has taken place over the last few years. There is a cure, that many people had known about for years, but others just laughed at them, or called them crazy. But these notions have finally been tested, and yes there is a cure. Mark Twain knew it and nobody believed him at the time, but here it is. 

The Secret To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started! -Mark Twain @tobusymakingart #http://bit.ly/2iPOOXQ

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Right here! Right Now! Pull up a chair, find a table, and just start doodling and making art. It's that simple! If you've been planning to take a class, GO! go now and sign up for it! That's it. Don't make any stops on the way! Stop overthinking and just do!


It's important to remember that Artists aren't the only ones effected by Butt In Seat Syndrome. It's been holding back people of all nations from their creativity for decades. It is only now, through extensive research and self reflection, that we as a people finally have the tools to fight back and take back what is ours. That is our right to be and process creativity.

Find a Seat, and Put your Butt in it, and then take 5 Minutes to make some Art!

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