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This year you've set your sights on really. I mean really, making creativity a part of your day-to-day life!

Your set on breathing it, feeling it, and taking action toward it in a multitude of ways. I mean why not! After All, creativity is the straw that provides healing, answers and research, by compelling us to ask questions. In a sense creativity unravels life, and gives us a change to explore it. It manifests itself in Art, Music, Skyscrapers, and even in that Boring Training you have at work! Can't you tell when you're having fun, and when you're not! That's the grace of creativity!

Here are 5 Ways You Can Tap Into That Grace This Year!

1. Unravel your why?

Why do you want to be more creative? Is it to advance your career at work, is it to bring more good feeling into your life, is it for me time, is it to reduce stress. You get it! This step is important, because after all you've got to know what your fighting for!

2. Start Small

Take a free class online. Creative Live has a huge choice of classes to start with. Just be sure to carve out time for them. Most are full day classes, people often watch them live online at home and at work. Plus, if you really love the class, you can just buy it, then you won't have to worry about watching it on their time. I now own 10 classes and 1 Bundle of Classes from Creative Live. Totally 17 classes. P.S. I am an Affiliate of Creative Live , but it's because I value and love their service and this is one of my favorite places to learn. Hands Down! I want to share the best with you! So I only affiliate with the best!

3. Create a space for your creativity, and decide what that will look like.

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It doesn't have to be an art studio. This is your change to GET CREATIVE. Is that kitchen table just for eating, or can it double as a place to make art. When I was in Art School, I worked on my bed, in vacant classrooms, and even on the floor. My college bestie, worked in the Kitchen at her parents house. When I started Paint Is Thicker Than Water. I turned my mini closet into an office space, and today I have a studio, but I also a space I created at home that included a foldy picnic table I bought at Walmart for $35 dollars, and a Picnic Chair. It's nothing special, it's just a place where I can sit down and get creative!

4. Invest

Practice : Invest in a sketchbook, journal, or dollar store notebook. Doodle in it, write ideas, draw in it, and please try not to lose it. This is the vessel that is going to catch-all those thoughts, ideas, and images floating around in your head. Don't let your ideas slip away capture them. I hate when Ideas pop up, and I don't have a pen or something to write it down. So tragically, it moves on to someone else, and leaves me behind. Don't let this happen to you. Don't let those ideas be forgotten. They came to you for a reason.

5. Learn the 3 P's

Practice, Patience, and Persistence! This isn't an overnight thing, so getting frustrated and throwing away half of your sketchbook will not help you grow as an Artist or Creative Being. Chill out, and try again. As long as you're trying, your still growing. Unless you stop! We Artist Train just like Athletes, We started in the same place as you. It wasn't magic, it was Practice, Patience, and Persistence! So don't be too hard on yourself, or envy others, and most importantly don't give up!

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