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For today's post, I wanted to share one of my favorite quote's by Maya Angelou with you. I came across it a few years, on a poster I spotted in a middle school hallway.

The message stopped me in my tracks, because back then, I was working a handful of jobs and work-study to pay for my Art School Education. Which often left me feeling overwhelmed.

On top of that I always came across those people, who didn't understand why I wasn't going to school to get a "Real Job." They didn't understand my vision and why I didn't just go for a teaching degree, since I was good at it. Don't get me wrong. I thought about it, but I enjoyed the creative freedom of teaching in after school programs. I got to connect with students on a whole other level, that was amazing and transformation for them! I got to push boundaries, and really celebrate the evolution of student learning. Why would I want to give that up, for a structured classroom. After School Learning is a whole different type of frontier when it comes to the learning landscape.

People didn't understand that my vision for the future was art, illustration, and teaching on an expanded frontier of learning. Which is why I feel this quote is so important. As you move forward on your creative path, you'll need to discover who you are, and what you want. You'll need to find your vision, not the vision of others.

Have you ever put on someone else's glasses. What happened? Most likely, your vision was a bit blurred, but that wasn't the case for them. Was it? They saw clearly through their lens, but not you. It's because, those glasses were prescribed for their eyes, not yours.

So today, I want you to do the most important thing you can do for yourself on your creative path, and that is to study yourself first, and then set out doing the thing you want to do. Below I posted my favorite quote, and if you like it, click here to see what Maya Angelou says about finding your creative voice!

“First, study yourself. See who you really want to be and as soon as you say, see it, say it, put it out into the universe. I want to be a dancer. I want to be a mathematician. I want to be an inventor. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a writer. You must say it, and then go about the business of becoming it. Study it…and bring all your energies to it. -Maya Angelou

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