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It's 2017, and I'm jump-starting the New Year with 30 straight days of blogging!

My goal is to punch your life with more creativity in 2017!

If this is your first time on my blog. Welcome to Paint Is Thicker Than Water!   Where I sow Radical Seeds in the Arts & After School Programs! My name is Jennyann Carthern, and I'm an Illustrator & Teaching Artist!

I write for Artists, Wanna Be Artists & Educators in After School Programs here on my blog, and of course I make Art! 2017 is the year of giganto changes, and this is the first step that I'm taking to connect with more readers like you! If you've haven't been able to find your way in the Arts or have struggled on your path as an After School Leader or Teaching Artist. Boy Oh Boy! I've got loads of tools, tips, and ideas from experience that I'm itching to pass on to you!

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Moving On!

Here's my Blog Forecast for the next 30 Days!

Week 1

This week is all about discovering your New Years Breakthrough!

A breakthrough is defined as a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. In this case that sudden, dramatic and important development is you! This week I'm going to push you into 2017 with a burst of creativity. You'll figure out where to start, how to start, and then get going!

Week 2

This is the Diverse Coloring Book Week!

I'm going to give you a behind the scenes glimpse at how I made my Diverse Coloring Book 5th Avenue, inspired by African-American Flappers from the 1920s. I'll share where the idea came from, and why it's important for youth and adults to have more diverse categories in literature! I'll also share some of my favorite reads, and you'll get to grab some free samples of my coloring book! 

Week 3

Is this your first time diving into the arts. I bet you have some questions about What paintbrushes to buy and how to keep them clean, and why the heck are they soooooo expensive! I bet you even have questions about the back of that tube of paint. What does AP Non-Toxic mean anyway? We'll work on questions like these I'll give you some ideas on setting up your work space in your home, kitchen, corner closet, etc. Along with much more.

Week 4

Oh! It's Teacher Week, any teachers, non-teachers, parents, aunts, grandmas, etc. are   welcome. But since my background is mostly in After-School Learning. I'm going to share how I made some breakthroughs out of mistakes and haven't a clue moments while teaching. HA HA HA! I'm also going to share how I learned to  command a room, and spark interest in my students learning, even the boring subjects! Learning can and is fun, you've just got to be dedicated to being a learner and a student at the same time! Teachers Rule!

Week 5

In this last week,  I'll be Lifting the Veil. I'm gonna introduce you to some unknown Black Artists in Art History! Um...You Know...The one's the textbooks forgot to tell you about! I'll also have some free lesson plans you can download to go along with the reading.

So what do you think. Are you excited! Tell me about it below!

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