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You may have heard the ongoing stereotype, that Artists are Aloof, Introverted Crazy Loners, who like to work alone and be alone. In my experience as an Artist, I can say that we like alone time just as much as anyone else would, but we also like to work and gather with friends. Why do you think Artist created Ateliers, Guilds, and Workshops all throughout Art History. Was it all for the sake of working alone. I THINK NOT!

When Artists and Creative People come together its magic. It's a meeting of the minds. I'm a true testament of this too! When I went to Art School it was the first time in my life, when I truly felt like I fit somewhere. It was because I was surrounded by like minded souls like myself who understood each others visual language. It wasn't until I graduated and was thrown back into the real world that I felt I was estranged again. The real world didn't speak my Artist tongue.

But through Teaching Art, I got to shine and express my creative side, and build a bond with my students as they discovered their creative selves. I also sought out places where I could connect with other Artists.

On your journey to creativity. You'll have to find others you bond with creatively, because this too is an important part of the journey to waking up those creative bones.

Here are 11 Ways to Find Creative Friends in the Arts!

1.  Join a Meet Up.

2. Do a google search for Artist Forums.

3. Take an Art Class at a local Community College

4. Search and Join Creative Facebook Groups or Start your own.

5. Join a local Art Organization. Most towns and cities have one.

6.  Start an Art Group at your local church.

7. Join a co-working space for Artists.

8. Volunteer at a Community Art Gallery.

9. Take a class at Lowe's or Home Depot.

10. I also connected with lots of creatives from Jennifer Lees  The Right Brain Business Plans Cohort Circle.

11. Don't be afraid to ask the friends you already have to. Maybe they want to find ways to be more creative too.

The key is to find creative friends that will support your growth in the Arts!

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