When most people think of an Art Studio. They often dream up a secluded place, building, cottage, or urban scene, surrounded by large canvas, paint brushes, pencils, great views, knickknacks, and more! An uninformed guess, but they do envision something.

Most Artists like me and other types of Creative People hold these visions as wishes, or someday realities. For example, "Someday I'll have my own studio space." "Someday I'll be able to make art when I find a space for it." "Someday! Someday! Someday!" While in reality the only thing that's stopping you is your someday. At this very moment you're probably thinking "Well I don't have time for art either." "It's not a priority," and that may be true for you right now. But let me tell you that having had so many losses of family members in the last 3 years. That all you have is now. So make the commitment now, because someday may never come. 

It's imperative that you don't hold back anything you have from the world. Your talents, ambitions, and ideas matter! I've been doing this since grade school, and even though I have a studio space now. It never stopped me from making art before I had a space then. I started with what I had, and that's the best place to start.  It's a needed reality check that Art can be made from anywhere, it has no boundaries.

What this means for you, is simple. You don't need a special someday place to make art. Your someday place can be made right here in your home, no matter how big or small it is. My someday place back then was the kitchen table, the living room floor, and even my bed while I was in Art School. Art doesn't need a special place to be special. It just needs a place or a spot to be born. 

So no more excuses! Let your someday be NOW! 

Download my free Workbook below, that'll walk you through the steps to creating your someday Artspace Now, and when you finish. Post a picture of your new space on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #MySomeDayIsNow​ to motivate others by sharing what you've done! Or send me a picture at contact@paintishtickerthanwater.com. I can't wait to see the outcome! 

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