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Hi, my name is Jennyann Carthern. I’d like to welcome you to Paint is Thicker Than Water. I’m an Illustrator, Teaching Artist, and Speaker, sowing radical seeds in the Arts and Integrated Learning one day at a time. 

I’ve been an Artist for as long as I can remember and a Teaching Artist for over 16+ years in schools, nonprofits, and after-school programs throughout Solano County, Napa, and the SF Bay Area, along with a BFA in Illustration from the California College of the Arts. 


In all of the years, I’ve been teaching. I’ve grown to realize that my students have been some of my best teachers. They’ve taught me that anything worth waiting for. Shouldn’t be held up until the time is right.


 Which is why at Paint is Thicker Than Water I’ve committed myself to making the Arts accessible to budding artists! I believe that Children, Teens, and Adults should have the opportunity to experience all the rewarding outcomes that Art has to offer! Regardless of where they start. After all. It’s not how you start the race. It’s how you finish it.




Jennyann is not only committed to the arts, she is passionate about learning, and offering students opportunities to grow. She will prove to be an excellent educator for any program in the Arts Learning, Arts Education, and Arts Integration.

She exhibits well-integrated academic content and is able to develop strong relationships with students, families, and teachers. She also provides opportunities for authentic decision making by participants that allow the potential for student leadership within her activities. I was drawn to the knowledge she had in working with youth and integrating the arts into multiple streams of learning. I’ve since stayed in contact with Jennyann to present works by her students, and for future speaking engagements.

Jackie Shonerd

Former Region 4 After School Program Coordinator

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