Hi! Welcome to Paint Is Thicker Than Water!  

My name is Jennyann Carthern. I'm an Illustrator & Teaching Artist Sowing Radical Seeds in the Arts & After School Programs one day at a time! 

I've been an Artist for as long as I can remember and a Teaching Artist for over 12+ years in nonprofits and after school programs throughout Solano County and the SF Bay Area. 

My mission at Paint Is Thicker Than Water is two-fold. 

I'm committed to helping Children, Teens  & Adults  Wake Up Their Sleeping Giants, to a world surrounded by self expression and creativity. Through Painting, Drawing, and Illustration. I also committed to helping After School Programs Integrate the Arts into learning, by providing their staff leaders with support through trainings, workshops, and helping them build better business practices , along with support to New Teaching Artists!  


My journey into teaching came through a back door. While I was on a two year leave of absence from the California College of the Arts where I received a BFA in Illustration. It started with a chair I painted called Time Out Because. It had an Illustrated story I created on it about my two cousins who were toddlers at the time. Resulting in a teaching referral and a recommendation to teach! 

So I said yes to becoming an Art Instructor for a local community center and I didn't have time to test the waters. So I just jumped right into teaching. Manuevering myself through pedgogies, teaching frameworks so that I was able to design classes and summer camps for youth based in the arts. Teaching was new, so the fear tickled inner critic, but I ignored it,  and that's when teaching began to weave itself into my practice as an Artist. 

You see, teaching became a part of my Art. While I picked up books, and extra classes in arts education, upon returning to school. Something magical happened. I started to imagine my lesson plans as artworks that I was designing, and curating for my students. 

Then I started thinking about my learning experience growing up. My early years were fun, as my elementary school was very hands on, diverse, and collaborative. This gave me the space to discover I wanted to be an Artist when I grew up! Learning happened through song, rhymes, movement, Art Making, and sharing. It wasn't until later in my education during my upper class years that learning meant sitting down, and memorizing facts and figures. They told me that I had a learning disbility. 

Today I know that I didn't have a learning disability, but my ability to learn depended on whether it was hands on, visual, interactive and fun. 

So, I took this knowing, and put it to the test. I explored ways of teaching academic curriculum with my students, through experimental and collaborative learning. What happened was miraculous. Students started to learn through fun, art, movement and collaboration,  just as I did in elementary school, a type of learning in disquise. This learning stayed with them because  it was more meaningful and memorable.  Today this practice of learning, is my Teaching Philosophy. I create classes that are fun, engaging, collaborative, hands-on, and memorable, that allow for experimental, investigation, and curiosity.

So when you sign up for one of my classes, sit back and enjoy the ride!