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We Need Diverse Book Lists!

A few month's ago, I went to a conference that I regularly attend called Teaching for Social Justice in San Francisco. It was their 16th Annual Conference, and my 3rd time attending. I love this conference because it's not open to educators, parents, and the artists, and communities free of charge. I also love it because it's help educators understand students and not place judgements because they behave a certain way. Instead, workshops inspire educators, communities, and families to understand one another. Regardless of race, gender, ability, age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or faith, for intellectual, spiritual, artistic, and emotional growth, and give their students and communities access to resources regardless of these things. Teachers, and AfterSchool Programs and Artists flock here for its progressive take on learning.

Anyhow, I wanted to share some resources I gained from this conference since we've been talking about printable coloring book 5th Ave. My book as you know was created out of a need for more diversity in coloring books, and a need to represent African-American flappers of that time in a positive like, instead of the stereotypes I find in history. Well I believe in this project and I also believe that we need more diverse books, and you know what? Our society is slowly edging toward this goal. This is important because all children should be able to find people that look like them in books, and I'm not just talking about children of color. I'm also talking about disabled children, children with mixed families, single parent homes, and kids who don't live with their parents. They deserve a face in literature.

So I wanted to share some book lists that educators have put together of diverse children's books that you can share with your kids, families, students and communities. One is from the conference, and the other one is from a blog, whose name I can't remember. But both lists invite you to add any diverse books you know of to them.

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