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So, you want to be creative, but you don't have any ideas, and ideas don't always just come out of then air like in the movies! Ideas are created, experienced, and seen. So just maybe, it's time to retreat from your bubble. Because on of the best ways to draw creativity to you, is to go out and get inspired by it! So how do you do that!

1. Take Advantage of Museum Free Days!

I don't just mean at Art Museums, but at Science, Aerospace Museums and more. Do some research and then stick the dates in your calendar.

When I was in Art School years ago. I went to an Aerospace Museum in Sacramento, that blew my mind away. I came back with ideas, a story, and created an Illustration of a young girl who dreamt of being a pilot! She wore Pilot Goggles and a cape to bed. The walls in her room we're covered in airplanes, and she left the window open so that when she stood up she could feel like she was flying! This idea came from one free day at a museum. I wish I still had the Illustration to show you, it's tucked away in some sketchbook. Anyhow, the best part about this is that I had to go out and explorer to capture this idea. I know the same will happen for you.

Plus be sure to document with a small sketchbook or buy postcards of your favorite pieces at Art Museums. In the sketchbook, write down the name and what drew you to the piece. Even if it's ugly. Write, it was ugly. LOL! Then at other museums take photos that you can use for reference in the future. Like the planes I was talking about. Take pictures of how the engine looks, the propeller, everything. You never know if one day you draw to attempt to draw an inside of a plane. You'll have reference to help you!

I also want to mention to put your phone away at Art Museums. It's O.K. to take a few pictures. It's another thing to walk from picture to picture with your phone in the air, filming every second or snapping a photo of every single piece. I say this, because I think people are missing out on really experiencing and being there with the art. Instead of looking at it through a lens. Get close, not too close! But close enough to see the work of the Artist and then pull back and really take it in. Pictures are O.K. but set a limit and then be there with the art.

Free Museum Days

Bank of America Museums on Us!

Annual Sacramento,California Museum Day

2. Check out FunCheapSF

If you live in the SF Bay Area. Fun Cheap San Francisco is a site that has lists of Fun, Free, and Cheap things to do in the Bay Area, an surrounding cities. They list events daily. Anything from free museum days, free shuttle tour bus rides of the Presidio, free Film Screening, Art Walks, Drink & Paint Days, Yoga Sessions, Art Making Sessions, and the list just goes on.


3. Check out Books at the Library.

Find an An Artist that you like and Study their work by browsing the Google Art Project. Then head to your local Library to study that Artist. Or just study them online, but I mean really study them. Learn about their processes, their life, their connections, who were they inspired by. Learn everything you can and get inspired by it. Ask yourself how you can apply this to your work. If they paint buildings, start doodling building or you can go and take pictures of building. Look at how the Artist used lights and darks in their work, or if they painted old building with gargoyles or something. You get the point. Try to can capture that in a photo diary of building. This is one of the ways that art is made.

Google Art Project

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