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Hey everyone. As you can tell by the post title. I totally forgot to post on Saturday. So I thought I write about how I deal with making mistakes.

So, the first thing I do is acknowledge the mistakes by acknowledging my feeling about it, and then I let it go. I'm not the type to let my emotions linger. Instead I like to frame it around growth! Thoughts often come to mind like:

"How can I do it differently next time?" "Is it the end of the world?"

"Was there a good reason for this mistake, and underline lesson?"

"Do I need to re-think my schedule,  or my purpose around this thing."

Mistakes for me, are like whispers to the soul. They are little secrets that help you become stronger, more courageous, and help you get back on track. So, the best thing you can do after making a mistake is to feel the emotion around it and then Let it go! Don't be hard on yourself, and most importantly don't point fingers. Instead Claim it, Own It, and Evolve because of it, and if you still do any of those things, like getting angry, or pointing fingers, grow from it.

Back when I was teaching art, at an After School Program in Fairfield, Ca. I had started a Garden Club that I Integrated with the Arts with the youth in the program. It was my first time gardening, so I thought we'd learn together. Anyhow, what I noticed each season, was that when a student over watered a plant it dies, and if they didn't give it enough water, well It died. When this happened, I didn't go out and buy new plants for the students. Instead we made adjustments, and looked into  what we did wrong, and what we could do better. Then we made those adjustments, and then we waited, and once we did that the plant was born again. It didn't matter how many times that plant died. Once we focused on how to make it grow, then it grew!

Once we focused on how to make it grow, it grew! This is how I frame my mistakes, like the one I made yesterday. I could say things like:

"Oh! I messed up my 30 days of blogging!"

"Oh!  it's over now!""Why do it any longer."

"Or I can say Oh well!"

and Keep On!

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