Welcome to Paint Is Thicker Than Water!

Tucked around the very very very back of the Benicia Arsenal is a sweet studio that's committed to creating life changing experiences in the Arts! A beacon for arts learning, self discovery, and creative expression! Soon opening it's doors for Kids, Teens and Adults in Benicia, California. No matter your skill level, or approach to learning. It's here where Art first  takes shape from within us! It's also where collaborative friendships, and creative bonds will form with others! In a quite magical community style of learning!

I took up painting as a new hobby in 2015. Before too long I wanted to learn the basic  techniques of drawing and I contacted Jennyann in order to progress my knowledge. She drew up a planned schedule of what we would cover. My previous experience was, non-existent  really, so we began with perspective. From there I moved forward to understanding form and use of different media to goals set with me each week. 

Jennyann's warm personality and clarity of teaching was the beginning of my journey. Her knowledge of the subject is immense which allowed her to touch on areas of  art that fascinated me. I found her style of teaching easy and full of detail that allowed me to clearly understand the importance of each step we were taking. I found her hand-outs very useful to remind me of the content of each lesson. I was able to successfully work through each lesson again when I reached home. Her teaching style enabled me to apply the principles I was learning to my painting  and I am thrilled with the results.

-Lorraine Jensen

Jennyann is a fantastic example of a role model and mentor. Her determination to overcome all adversities is something to aspire           to. Her concepts are inspiring and very much needed for all Artists and especially for those who are reluctant about their talent and organizational skills. 



Jennyann and I first met at a training I was hosting in Alameda at the time for teachers and after school programs. I was drawn to the knowledge she had in working with youth, and integrating the arts into multiple streams of learning.

I took note of that and added Jennyann to my list of speakers for the Annual Region 4 Conference in Suisun. I’ve since stayed in contact with Jennyann to present works by her students, and for future speaking engagements. I’ve also invited Jennyann to grant meeting in service of Region 4 after-school programs.

I continue to stay in contact with Jennyann, because she exhibits well-integrated academic content and is able to develop strong relationships between students, families, and teachers. She also provides opportunities for authentic decision making by participants that allow the potential for student leadership within her activities.

Jennyann is not only committed to the arts, she is passionate about learning, and offering students opportunities to grow. She will prove to be an excellent educator for any program in the Arts Learning. Arts Education, and Arts Integration. 

- Jackie Shonerd