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Paint Is Thicker Than Water

Studio of the Arts

Where you’ll find Online Art Classes you feel good about! 


Hi, my name is Jennyann, I wanted to personally welcome you here! Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I have an inklings that there is a little something inside you that has always wanted to draw, paint, doodle or just create.

But, there has always been something stopping you! Hasn’t there?

Things like not knowing how to draw a straight line, not understanding how to use materials or just finding the right place to start.

Or, maybe someone didn’t make you feel so good about your art in the past!

Well, this is your opportunity to change all of those things, because this place was designed just for you, and your journey as a beginning artist! 

Get ready to move mountains! 









                          About Us


We are an online haven for Budding Beginning Artists! Dedicated to helping you find your way in the arts at your own pace! In a non-judgmental environment centered around process arts, practice and instinctual play! I’ll help you develop your creative gut by providing classes, workshops and tools centered around the needs of beginning artists in the hopes of providing you with a mindful start in the arts.

You’ll discover the in’s and outs of materials, and finally learn how to use them, and you’ll pick up some drawing and painting skills along the way!    


Take Your First Step!

Start Your Creative Journey Today!

Register Today for No-Rules Paint Nite!

A Weekly Playdate for Beginning Artists!

Doors Close on July 2nd, 2020!


In this course, you’ll learn to trust your creative gut,
through a process of self-expression & instinctual play!

  • This course includes 3 Live Virtual Paint Nites

  • A Course Library with modules designed

    to help move past your creative blocks, develop a safe space for

    creating, and to pull you into a state of

    childlike, exploration & Play!


  • Plus Bonus Workbook to help you set up your creative space!

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I took up painting as a new hobby in 2015. Before too long I wanted to learn the basic techniques of drawing and I contacted Jennyann in order to progress my knowledge. My previous experience was, non-existent really, so we began with perspective. From there I moved forward to understanding form and use of different media to goals set with me each week. Her teaching style enabled me to apply the principles I was learning to my painting and I am thrilled with the results. Jennyann’s warm personality and clarity of teaching was the beginning of my journey.

Lorraine Jensen – Student

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